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Wedding Services

To ensure that you get the most out of your Wedding Day, we also offer many additional inclusions ranging from Authentic Balinese Entertainment for your guest to pampering Spa Treatments for you and your loved one.


Our Certified Wedding Experts are here to make sure that every single aspect that you need for your Wedding Day is taken cared for you. With dozens of wedding under our belt, we are prepared to quickly act on your request and ready to consult you on all matters regarding your special day. Our in-house experts will function on all aspect of your Wedding Day starting from initial planning and consultation to final field execution on the special date that you have chosen.

Classic Skin Treatment

This treatment will help prepare your skins for the special night starting with a 60 minutes of Traditional Massage Spa; and then followed up by a 60 minutes of Traditional Facial, Manicure & Pedicure and Fresh Flower Jacuzzi Bath.

Exclusive Skin Treatment

Start off with a 60 minutes of Aromatherapy Massage Spa and then followed up by a 120 minutes of Javanese Lulur to reduce any bloating; ending with a 60 minutes of Traditional Facial, Manicure & Pedicure and Fresh Flower Jacuzzi Bath.

Complete Skin Treatment

Pamper yourself with a 120 min of Hot Stone Massage Spa, 120 min of Boreh, 60 min of Traditional Facial, Manicure & Pedicure and Fresh Flower Jacuzzi Bath to make sure that you look and feel great for your wedding day.


Decorate your beautiful wedding with amazing fireworks that will further transcend your night into a night that is remembered by all of your loved ones. We can also consult you with what kind of Fireworks Presentation that is suitable for your wedding day.

Fire Dance

The exotic Fire Dance can also be an option for your wedding’s entertainment. Performed by professionals, the fire dance will surely get everybody excited and push the night to an even more exciting memory.

Balinese Dance

Entertain your guest with the most authentic Balinese experience by providing your wedding day with a variety of traditional Balinese Dances that will surely captivate the audience and give a very distinct color to your special night.

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